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Universal Media was formed in 1994 as a publishing company with the intention of bringing people content that they could use. UM targets discerning readers who have inquisitive minds and who are interested in many divergent views and opinions.


Our book division currently publishes and sells books with historical perspectives.

The Un-Civil War –
Shattering the Historical Myths
by Leonard M. Scruggs

The Un-Civil War –
Truths Your Teacher Never Told You
by Leonard M. Scruggs

Lessons from the Vietnam War –
Truths the Media Never Told You
by Leonard M. Scruggs

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The Tribune Papers consists of four weekly newspapers in Western North Carolina: The Asheville Tribune, The Hendersonville Tribune, The Weaverville Tribune, The Leicester Leader.

We are locally owned and operated, offering readers in-depth community news and events.

The Tribune Papers

Tribunes can be found in about 350 locations in Buncombe and Henderson counties.

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