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American Civil War Facts

Why Exploring American Civil War Facts is Important

The Civil War is a critical moment in our history, and one that nearly ripped the entire nation in two. As history evolves and occasionally repeats itself, understanding the Civil War enables Americans to have a better comprehension of why and how we operate today. This war developed from cultural, religious, economic and political differences between the North and the South – two regions with entirely different visions for the country. Many of these values have pervaded into modern culture. So in order to better understand ourselves, we must pay attention to the lessons taught to us by previous generations. For a better understanding of our past and our present, for a gripping read, and for Civil War facts your history teacher may not have told you, check out Mike Scruggs’s The Un-Civil War.

Don’t Rely Upon Out of Date Materials for American Civil War Facts

Although Scruggs wasn’t at Gettysburg or Antietam, he brings the lens of a seasoned war veteran and policy analyst to provide a fresh perspective to a controversial subject. Surely, there are hundreds of texts written about this era. So why do we need another one? Scruggs digs into forgotten archives, exhumes information buried long ago, and challenges readers to expand their worldview (or Americaview, as the case may be). His text is modern, and his research is exhaustive. For example, an entire chapter of his abridged version of The Un-Civil War is dedicated to the Confederate flag – how it evolved and what it symbolizes. Via an explanation of the flag’s Christian derivation, Scruggs explores the religious rift that also contributed to the North-South divide – a factor in the war that is often overlooked.

With his contentious but logically crafted work, Scruggs highlights Civil War facts that force us to ask ourselves: If we hold on to our old way of thinking in light of new information, how can we expect to grow?

Stay Open-Minded and Don’t Be Afraid to Question American Civil War Facts

“Can anyone believe that peace and prosperity can be achieved by discarding the heritage of a numerous people to gain the political favor of another?” This is the question Scruggs asks in the sample chapter available at Universalmediainc.org. We often ask the same question of current wars fought beyond our shores. And yet, with our vilified view of the Confederacy that fought to uphold slavery and break the country apart, we don’t reflect with such scrutiny upon our own culture. But here is The Un-Civil War, putting that scrutiny into a powerful narrative for readers of any age. By providing fresh arguments, Scruggs asks his readers to open their minds to a different perspective on American history. He’ll challenge you to take all of the presented Civil War facts from both sides, and make your own judgment about the course of history.

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