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Author Mike Scruggs, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, former USAF Intelligence Officer and Air Commando has written over 250 articles on military history, national security, current political affairs and a variety of other topics related to foreign policy; he is also a weekly columnist for papers in North and South Carolina. His abridged and unabridged works on the Civil War and revolutionary text on the Vietnam War are some of the preeminent American history books online today. You can sample a chapter of his book on the Civil War on the UniversalMediaINC.org.

Don’t Buy a Typical American History Book Online

Scores (maybe four and seven of them) of American history books line the “shelves” of online stores. If you want a clean-cut, conventional explanation of our nation’s evolution, it’s definitely out there. But what you won’t find in digging through these texts is a dissection of the myths conveyed to the public by the media and the government itself. If you want answers beyond those which typical American history books online can offer you, check out author Mike Scruggs and his texts at Universal Media.

The Best American History Book Online about the Vietnam War

Lessons from the Vietnam War is a political and military exposé; a deep investigation into the widely accepted myths by academia, media, public and even many politicians. In addressing twenty-three myths, such as the true balance of power between North and South Vietnam and our discarded opportunity to win the war, Scruggs discloses Vietnam truths that every American should know. To read the best American history book online about the Vietnam War, you need to purchase a copy of Lessons from the Vietnam War on the Universal Media website.

The Best American History Book Online about the Civil War

The Un-Civil War books are packed with surprisingly fresh content on a seemingly exhausted subject. With academic sophistication and a soldier’s perspective, Scruggs adeptly unifies policy, economic and military arguments into a smooth and logical read. His unique voice sheds light onto all aspects of the Civil War era, from the economic decisions leading to the conflict through a most turbulent Reconstruction. When it comes to the Civil War, author Mike Scruggs offers one of the most comprehensive and stimulating American history books online.

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