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Best Vietnam War Books



The Vietnam War was one of the most violent and politically tempestuous chapters in American history. As such, it remains a highly scrutinized and controversial topic of research and debate. It is difficult to discern whose perspective to believe and whose arguments to follow. You’ll find stark contrasts in the content put forth by journalists and academics from that of veterans who actually partook in the combat. One of the best Vietnam War books on the market is by a man who can offer you both perspectives, Leonard M. Scruggs.

Read One of the Best Vietnam War Books by Leonard M. Scruggs

Leonard Scruggs is a former United States Air Force intelligence officer, Air Commando and decorated war veteran, and a historian with over 250 published articles on national security and foreign policy. With these two perspectives, Scruggs is able to bridge the gap between policy and actuality – between closed-door meetings and on-the-ground combat. His unique expertise and smooth writing style make his text, Lessons from the Vietnam War – Truths the Media Never Told You, one of the most thorough, riveting and truly best Vietnam War books on the market.

A Different Perspective than Most Vietnam War Books

The most popular Vietnam War books in online stores like Amazon are predominantly written as memoirs and personal accounts. Naturally, there are more academic texts that dive into policy analyses, government decisions and war tactics. But you won’t find too many with both the breadth and the profundity offered by Scruggs’s experience and meticulous research. Lessons from the Vietnam War explores twenty three myths, how they were conveyed by the media and the government, and what they did to shape the progression and outcome of the war. No aspect of the era is too controversial; no political figure is too powerful to not hold accountable. If you’re hunting for a Vietnam War book with a different perspective, your hunt ends here.

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