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Books About the Civil War



The Civil War era is a tragic and fascinating chapter of our history. Entire history classes have been devoted to those four years that rocked the United States; and scores of books about the Civil War fill store and library shelves (and now flood the online market, too). This period created a critical transition of political, economic and ethical values that profoundly impacted the nation’s modern composition.

Read Books about the Civil War and Explore a Unique Time in History

The Civil War was revolutionary in a number of facets. It was the first war in which new technologies such as the railroad, steamships and telegraphic communication were used in conjunction with new tactics of total war and trench warfare. These elements made this a turning point into modernity and the deadliest phase of our history.

What exactly led the nation to this historical catalyst? Books about the Civil War tend to focus specifically on the ethical gridlock between the North and South over slavery. But the truth behind the crescendo into violence lies within political and economic differences between the two regions. To that end, author Mike Scruggs’s book is an unabridged analysis of the causes of the war. He thoroughly addresses value differences between the Union and the Confederacy, such as states’ rights, Constitutional interpretation and limited government. If you are looking for a deep investigation of the Civil War, put your nose into The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths.

The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths: One of the Most Well Written Books About the Civil War

The Un-Civil War is truly one of the most comprehensive texts about this chapter of American history. Other acclaimed books about the Civil War look at particular events and sites such as the Battle at Vicksburg or the Courthouse of the Appomattox; or perhaps they follow a particular army like the Potomac. Not The Un-Civil War: author, Mike Scruggs digs into the pre-war era to explore the evolution of the conflict. His voice is clear and consistent to offer a factual storyline that can cater to readers seeking both academic enlightenment and an entertaining read.

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Universal Media Inc. is a publishing company created to bring people useful content. UM targets discerning readers who have inquisitive minds and who are interested in many divergent views and opinions. UM proudly sells The Un-Civil War under this mission. In shopping or books about the civil war, this website gives you the opportunity to read a chapter of Scruggs’s book to see if you resonate with his prose. You can save money on gas and dive into history without ever having to leaving your home.

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