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Get a New Perspective on American History with Unique Books about the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is an exhausted subject, and unfortunately, one that still doesn’t seem to be fully understood. How does an author grab readers’ attention and engage them in a topic that is so controversial and difficult? Mike Scruggs has found the answer. With a smooth but strong writing style, Scruggs addresses over twenty myths about the Vietnam War that are still widely accepted by American society.

In the quest for truly unique books about the Vietnam War, it’s Mike Scruggs’s Lessons from the Vietnam War that will stir your interest and provide a new perspective on a well-known story. Check out his book, and you won’t believe what you didn’t know.

Why Lessons from the Vietnam War by Mike Scruggs is One of the Most Well Written Books about the Vietnam War

As a US Air Force Intelligence Officer, Mike Scruggs was in the heart of the war – heart, mind and body terribly intertwined in the battles waged and the decisions that would save or sacrifice the lives of his countrymen. He knows the rarely discussed details and the psychology and institutional policies that shaped this era. In his book, Lessons from the Vietnam War – Truths the Media Never Told You, Scruggs blends his historical expertise with objective awareness of macro-level policy and an insider’s understanding of the decisions that were made. In one of the most well-written books about the Vietnam War, Scruggs courageously tears down the façade of lies to provide a foundation of truth.

Where to Buy Books about the Vietnam War

Surf the web or cruise the aisles of a box store and you’ll end up in the checkout line with a handful of great Vietnam memoirs. Most texts from Amazon or Barnes and Noble are going to be either anecdotal accounts of soldiers’ experiences or political analyses of the War’s causes and effects. So if you’re looking for heroes’ stories and reflections on executive decisions, you’re golden. But if you’re looking for books about the Vietnam War that will give you the full scope – the stories and the scrutiny, then you can find at a Universal Media. It’s a small publishing company that offers the best of all worlds. For starters, they offer just the book you’re looking for; they also have competitive prices, online sales and cheap shipping. This small, independent company supports authors within its own community, as well. Everybody wins at Universal Media, Inc!

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