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The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths

The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths goes into great depth and is written to point out many of the real reasons for the Civil War. The book clarifies the way in which the war was fought and the major differences between the two sides- particularly the strong stance taken by Southerners on the issues of states’ rights, limited government, and a strict adherence to the Constitution. This unabridged book has 360 pages, and contains over double the content of the abridged version of The Un-Civil War – Truths Your Teacher Never Told You.

Scruggs was awarded the prestigious D.T. Smithwich Award for excellence by the North Carolina Society of Historians for the abridged edition. In this extended work, Scruggs contrasts the perspective of the Southern mindset with the Northern federalist mentality that greatly favored many social programs and a larger centralized government. We still face these issues today.

Book Chapter (PDF)

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The Un-Civil War – Truths Your Teacher Never Told You

Author Mike Scruggs brings an important new scholarly perspective to the issues that divided the United States prior to 1861 and through the tortuous years of the War and the terrible aftermath called the Reconstruction. It is a book that reaches out to every American with a curious and open mind in an effort to rescue truth from decades of oppression. In this magazine format with pictorial content, it is recommended for both young and adult readers. This is a book that should be required reading as it is our history and our heritage.

Book Chapter (PDF)

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Lessons from the Vietnam War -Truths the Media Never Told You

In Lessons from the Vietnam War; Truths the Media Never Told You, Leonard M. Scruggs tells the gripping and ultimately tragic story of America’s military involvement in Southeast Asia from 1960 to its heartbreaking conclusion in 1975. A former USAF intelligence officer, Scruggs has written an eye-opening factual analysis refuting many common academic and media-driven public misconceptions about the war. The author courageously goes into detail and names the political leaders in Washington who handed the communists the victory they could not win on the battlefield. This 250 page hardback is comprehensive in both its military and political revelations.

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