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Civil War Books Online



How to Choose the Best Civil War Books Online

The best way to go about answering this question is to ask yourself what you want to get out of a Civil War book. Are you looking for a supplementary text to bop around in as you study? Are you a war buff who wants to spruce up your Civil War expertise? Did you finish Margaret Mitchell’s take on the era and are now looking for something a little more analytical? Decide if you want a novel like Gone with the Wind, an intense historical timeline like James McPherson’s Battle Cry for Freedom, or an investigative text into the structural variances that ultimately ripped the country into two. If the latter is what grabs your attention, Mike Scruggs has written two fabulous Civil War books sold online that provide a gripping exploration of the myths and realities of the period. You can find his works at www.universalmediainc.org.

Why the Un-Civil War by Mike Scruggs is One of the Best Civil War Books Online

The majority of the Civil War online literature is comprised of chronicles: you’ll find outstanding reads that catalogue history up to the Civil War, such as the previously mentioned Battle Cry for Freedom, or others that dig deeply into particular battles such Gettysburg or Antietam. Mike Scruggs’s books, The Un-Civil War (in abridged and unabridged versions), are written with a completely different structure. Scruggs writes with the curiosity and intellect of a historian and the critical savvy of a veteran intelligence officer. He addresses political, economic and social issues as well as the war tactics themselves to scrutinize a story we thought we knew and re-educate society about this important moment in our history.

Where to Buy Civil War Books Online

The marvels of the Internet can deliver nearly anything – food, clothing, entertainment, even puppies and vacations directly to an encampment in our living rooms. Yes, shopping has evolved quite drastically. But just like physical shopping, you still have a choice in the type of vendor support. If you’re looking for good Civil War books online, mega sites like Amazon will offer you conventional variety for great prices. But if you’re looking for a mom-and-pop style vendor with a mission, you need to check out enterprises such as Universal Media, a small publishing company built in 1994 to bring content to inquisitive readers interested in divergent views and opinions. Universal Media supports local, independent writers, such as Mike Scruggs, and sells content that dares readers to confront their pre-constructed opinions in the face of new information.

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