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Oftentimes the best history books are written by military figures who have a personal relationship with the conflicts and policies that shape history. Such is the case with The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths, written by author Mike Scruggs. No, Scruggs wasn’t around for the Civil War; but he is a veteran of the Vietnam War, a former US Air Force intelligence officer and a historian. His texts provide critical analyses of an insider perspective and a macro-level interpretation of how history unfolds. His online history books are incredible resources for students, adults, youth, seekers of knowledge and bibliophiles.

Explore the American Civil War with One of the Best History Books Online

You can go to the bookstore and peruse hundreds of books on the Civil War. There are endless accounts of slavery and the Reconstruction; Battles of Antietam, Shiloh and Gettysburg and the presidents and generals who shaped the story. But if you want to truly understand the causes behind America’s most brutal and deadly conflict, you don’t even have to leave the living room. For a history you won’t discover anywhere else, two of the best history books online and perhaps on the market are Mike Scruggs’s The Un-Civil War-Shattering the Historical Myths and the abridged version, The Un-Civil War – Truths Your Teacher Never Told You.

Learn about the Vietnam War with One of the most Unique History Books Online

In one of the most unique history books online, Lessons from the Vietnam War – Truths that the Media Never Told You explores the progression of America’s role in Southeast Asia from 1960 to 1975 from a totally avant-garde perspective. As a former United States Air Force intelligence officer, Mike Scruggs uses his insider lens and critical insight to illuminate many of the political truths behind the Vietnam War. This is no ordinary history book marching through the timeline of the war; Scruggs’s intimacy with the subject and historical adeptness enable him to create a well-constructed composition on the causes and effects of the political catastrophe.

Gain New Perspective on History – Discover a Variety of History Books Online

Most history books online are constructed to feed you a rational timeline and familiar arguments surrounding American policy. Scruggs’s texts imply that that route is too easy, overused and simply not the full truth. This author will force you to think and reconstruct a history that you thought you knew. In Lessons from the Vietnam War – Truths that the Media Never Told You, Scruggs aims to share secrets that you will never stumble across in the classroom or through public media sources. The same can be said for his texts addressing the Civil War. Pick up his history books online and peel back the myths to get to the meat of our history.

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