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Online History Books

Why History is Awesome

The idea that history repeats itself isn’t just a ploy used by wartime reenactment tourist traps trying to bring in the crowds. If you take a hard look back into the past, you’ll see the rises and falls of civilization based on war, industrial progress and overextension, the successes and failures of economy, the development and struggles of cultural evolution, and the very nuances of humanity playing out again and again. History is awesome because it gives us insight into ourselves and hands us nearly all of the tools we need to progress as a society. Sometimes it’s hard to absorb all of that information in a class, but online history books, such as those offered on Universalmediainc.org, grab readers of all ages and suck them into the stories of the past.

Great Online History Books for Adults and Teens

If you laugh at the idea of extra reading for school, you clearly haven’t stuck your nose into one of Mike Scruggs’s books. The Un-Civil War – Truths Your Teacher Never Told You is a text that reaches out to readers of all ages. Aside from the well-organized writing style, the unique magazine format with pictorial content makes for a more captivating and easy read for students. If you’re an educator trying to pick up some extra material, choosing these online history books will add a little zest to the fat timelines your students lug to class, and more than likely a good discussion or two. And if you’re a just a general bibliophile, well you may be easier to convince all around, but have you made the jump to online books? Scruggs’s online history books capture an extraordinary approach to history through a cutting-edge medium.

Online History Books that Challenge Conventional Thinking

The three works that Mike Scruggs offers through Universal Media are unlike any other online history books or those lining store shelves. Scruggs boldly digs into the deeper truths behind two of America’s most defining military eras. In the abridged and unabridged versions of The Un-Civil War, Scruggs identifies the intricate line of dominoes perched at the tipping point in the years leading up to the Civil War. Similarly, he delves into political secrets, motives and power plays that contributed to the fifteen-year catastrophe known as the Vietnam War. These online history books will challenge your previous perceptions and all conventional thinking surrounding the history we think we know.

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