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The Un-Civil War



You may think you got the whole story from the Civil War session of your high school American history class; or perhaps from the historical anthology you picked up at the bookstore, but Leonard M. Scruggs will lay out the perspective many authors are too hesitant to address. His text sweeps aside the moral facade behind which the Union veiled its true bellicosity; he discusses the North’s manipulations that created a downward spiral into the most savage and un-civil war the nation has ever experienced.

A New Perspective – The Un Civil War

Scruggs certainly addresses slavery as a factor in the Civil War, but he takes a fresh approach by framing it as secondary to the economic, cultural and political determinants that initiated the war. One of these determinants is the Morrill Tariff: “The Morrill Tariff of 1860, so unabashed and unashamed in its short-sighted, partisan greed, stands as an astonishing monument to the self-centered depravity of man and to its consequences. No wonder most Americans would like to see it forgotten and covered over with a more morally satisfying but largely false version of the causes of the Un-Civil War.” Scruggs’s realistic analysis demands that readers remove the lenses that portray the South as the archetypal immoral villain and review this un-civil war from a more macro-level perspective.

Author Leonard M. Scruggs Takes an Honest Look at History in the Book The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths Due to the South’s failure, the war’s history has been largely shaped by the Northern perspective. For generations, educators have focused on the ethical component of the Civil War with little empathy for the South. And while slavery has been universally rejected as a human rights abomination, Scruggs’s account of history incorporates a myriad of issues that developed long before the Union ever took a public stance on slavery. To obtain an honest and well-rounded comprehension of the truth behind the war, one must pick up a copy of The Un-Civil War – Shattering the Historical Myths.

A Book about the Un-Civil War Meant for Adults and Teens

With straight-forward writing, magazine-style format and pictorial content, The Un-Civil War offers a smooth read to audiences of any age. Scruggs provides a fantastic resource for classrooms in a text that explains the political and economic transitions of the pre-war era into conflict. “The Union Army’s lack of success early in the war, the need to keep anti-slavery England from coming into the war on the side of the South, and Lincoln’s need to appease the radical abolitionists in the North led to increased promotion of freeing the slaves as a noble cause to justify what was really a dispute over fair taxation and States Rights.”

Whether you are approaching the text as a seasoned war buff, a knowledge-seeking scholar or just looking for something fresh to read, The Un-Civil War offers gripping and revolutionary truths in the pages of a familiar legend.

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