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US History Books Online

Here’s to a great US Historian: Mike Scruggs. This award-winning author, veteran and policy expert will keep your nose to the page and your eyebrows raised as you read a totally new version of a familiar history. For a phenomenal US history book online, find his three texts at universalmediainc.org.

The Un-Civil War – A Great US History Book Online by Mike Scruggs

The Un-Civil War is a revolutionary text written by historian and former Air Force intelligence officer Mike Scruggs. Scruggs’s research digs deeper than his contemporaries’ to challenge the very myths upon which most conventional historians base their arguments. In addition to accolades from his readership, the North Carolina Society of Historians honored him with the prestigious D.T. Smithwich Award for excellence for his abridged version. If you are searching for truth and a fabulous read, your pursuit ends with this book. If you are searching for this great US history book online, go to universalmediainc.org.

Lessons from the Vietnam War – An Excellent US History Book Online by Mike Scruggs

Perhaps you’re interested in a more modern era story from American history. You might be more interested in Lessons from the Vietnam War – Truths the Media Never Told You. Scruggs applies the same scrutiny and thirst for accuracy to this text as his Civil War books, but with an insider’s advantage. Having been on the battlefield and behind the doors where decisions were made, Scruggs can pinpoint players and points in the game that altered and even perpetuated the war. You thought you knew, but this shocking analysis outlines over twenty common myths that have been streamlined to society through the media and educational system. This is a must-read for students young and old – a critical US history book online by Mike Scruggs.

Where to Buy a US History Book Online

“I’m hooked, but what now?” you might ask. Roam the bookstore all you want, but you won’t find this author’s texts weighing down the shelves. A small publishing company called Universal Media sells Scruggs’s works among other publications that promote well-researched and divergent viewpoints for inquisitive readers. This US history book is only sold online in a readable, magazine-style format with pictorial content. Universal Media keeps its prices reasonable and supports authors (like Scruggs) within its Appalachian community. You can even sample a US history book chapter online on the Universal Media website.

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